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Thank You To Our Generous Donors

Recognizing our Financial and Memorabilia Donors

We want to thank the wonderful supporters of the GHS Museum who have donated money or memorabilia to the Museum.

The GHS Museum and Alumni Association appreciate your contributions to continue our efforts to celebrate, preserve, and display our remarkable Foothiller history.

Foothillers have so much to celebrate!

Foothiller Family Generosity

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to see the 2019 Donors.

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to see the 2018 Donors.

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to see the 2017 Donors.

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to see the 2016 Donors.

Sponsorship Opportunities: We still need your help!


leave printDonations of any amount are welcome. To make a donation, please donate via Pay Pal or write a check payable to GHS Educational Foundation and mail to GHS Museum, P.O. Box 1043, La Mesa, CA 91944.

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Our Generous 2024 Donors

2024 Financial Donors 2024 New Museum: Jim Stieringer, Class of 1959; Sue Gillespie Larson, Class of 1965; Mardi Penny Musick, Class of 1966 2024 Memorabilia Donors Kent Abbott, Class of 2018: Letterman’s Jacket with 2015 Valley, 2016 and 2018 Hills...

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Our Generous 2023 Donors

General Fund: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962 Class of 1961 Stadium Bench: GHS Museum Class of 1965 Stadium Bench: Tange Tipton Gavin and Deanna Brady Sampson 2023 GHS Museum: Bill Young, Class of 1962 16 MM Film Digital and DVD Transfer: Mike Hateley,...

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Our Generous 2022 Donors

Financial Donations General Fund: Class of 1971; George Matosian; Bob Papciak, Retired Staff: Milton Alexander and Karen Moss; Class of 1971; David Dolloff, Class of 1977; Tom Bloomer, Class of 1967; Bud Close, Class of 1946; Wilson Ochoa, Class of...

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Our Generous 2021 Donors

Everywhere we look in the museum, we see evidence of the great love Foothillers have for their school, shown especially by the memorabilia they have chosen to donate to the museum.  We thank you! 2020-21 Memorabilia Donations Art Ballantyne, Class...

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Our Generous 2020 Donors

Large Showcase Donors Estate of Frances Coughlin, Class of 1938 Bruce Davidson, Retiree Tom Bloomer, Class of 1967 Class of 1968 Linda and Rexford Upp, Class of 1960 Small Showcase Donors Class of 1962 Class of 1966 Patricia Mercer Potter,...

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Our Generous 2018 Donors

History of the Christmas Pageant Book Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965 Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher Esther Drew Long, Steven Sensenback, Class of 1960 Carol Clark Cunningham, Class of 1944 James Pascarella, Class of 1969 Mary Kucala,...

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Our Generous 2017 Donors

Two Campus Benches Class of 1975 and Gene Chubb, Class of 1948 Restoration of the Peace Pipe Bob Stockton, Class of 1955 2016-2017 Boys and Girls Basketball Programs Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired GHS Teacher 2017 Track Program Bill Ashman,...

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Our Generous 2016 Donors

We Thank These Generous 2016 Financial Donors to the Museum’s General Fund: BRONZE PLAQUES Thomas Adams, Class of 1993, Plaque and Jack Mashin Stadium Plaque: east end of Mashin Stadium on wall of Science Building Marlin Baer 2014 Discus Field Plaque:...

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